Art Workouts is an ongoing dialogue and experiment instigated in 2010 by California-based dance artists Abby Crain and Margit Galanter, in which we engage whatever and whoever crosses our shared path in making art. Through writing, interviewing, reading, making, moving, and performing we engage with the world around us for revelation and inspiration, culling what seems relevant, problematic, brilliant. Our work primarily takes place in the Bay Area, though we have toured performances along  the West Coast. Art Workouts deals with the body, performance, and that mysterious assemblage, presence.

Art Workouts periodically arranges workshops so that Abby and Margit can meet and explore with groups of people: this is when the work starts to really hum.

Classes from 2010 - 2014 at California locations such as:  Berkeley Art Museum, Dance Palace Point Reyes, Ellen Webb Studio, Fresh Festival with Sophia Wang and emji spero, Counterpulse, The Garage, Kunst-Stoff Arts, Pieter Performance LA, Subterranean Arthouse, and Temescal Arts Center.

With themes  as diverse as The Beast; Tuning and Releasing; critical analysis and choreographic working off of masculinist brilliance such as Duchamp’s final project Etants Donnes + Richard Prince’s YES, Rasta; Love; Set No Set; Words and Deeds; The No Thankyou Show;  and offshoots of Museum of the Dance.

Performances: Verge, The Garage, SF, curated by Aura Fischbeck; MGM: NUT Summer Cruise 2011, Shadetree; Pieter Performance Space LA; Kunst-Stoff Arts; Subterranean Arthouse.

We curated a ton of articles and videos for our students and participants to watch, and later  Margit hopes to compile these, as they give a sense of the focus of our various gatherings.