Support for your ideas, projects and evolution

One of the primary ways the vivid grove offers integrative practice is through tailor-made guidance, facilitation and mentorship to individuals and groups. Margit’s decades of experience in dance-making, improvisation, and movement arts research and practice offers a rich toolbox as the basis for this shared investigation and discovery.

Over the years, Margit has taught workshops, offered mentorship to artists and students, and been a dramaturg on many artistic projects. The work incorporates diverse areas such as support in physical practice, artistic inquiry, life transitions, academic investigations, and intellectual enrichment. The intention is to help clarify what is desired and to support the process of development and growth in the work and personhood. Personalized sessions are designed to meet your specific needs as you clarify your ideas and intent, utilizing all the tools of the vivid grove.

Processes for tailor-made mentorships are inspired by the plethora of forms and practices of movement, transdisciplinary arts, embodied language and cultural study. The tools are a vast array of improvisational movement forms, movement meditations, Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, Authentic Movement, Somatics and New Science — whatever is of use as developed together, guided by the needs of the process. Margit also draws from realms as diverse as critical race studies, anti-oppression work, neurophenomenology, transdisciplinary arts pedagogy, Biogeometry, ancestral healing, Human Design System, poetics, collaborative communication technologies, and creative movement structures.

Some inspiration in shaping these embodied processes are instigated by the research of Francisco Varela, who defined a practice of experiential and embodied research and when he took it traveling, called the work “the portable laboratory;” and Eugene Gendlin and Don Johnson’s call for a "first-person science" — that research can take into account the people who make it, and that their work is necessarily unique based on the context from which it is created.

As a dramaturg, Margit brings experience working with a range of professional and nonprofessional artists as they hone and cultivate evening-length work, begin to develop the seed of a project, or enter into a new creative process. Artists such as Miguel GutierrezRyder Cooley, Abby Crain, Randy Reyes, Nicole Shaeffer,  Keith Hennessy, Laressa Dickey, and Macklin Kowal have worked with Margit as a dramaturg/mentor.