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Composition, Communication, Context

A Tuning Workshop and Mentorship Group
6 Sessions This Spring, Outdoors East Bay, 2-5pm
Saturdays: March 19, 26, April 16, 30, May 14, 21
$125 for the series / $40 each / Register by March 16
(full series highly encouraged, even if you miss a few!)

This movement series outdoors east bay is an opportunity to develop a tuning scores practice together over a period of months. It’s a series to dive deeply into the scores, if you have spent time with them loads or are newly curious, to get intimate with their underlying operations and ways of working. The focus will be on the various “c’s” stated: conversation in a dance with composition, communication in context, as concept, and collective choreographic constructions. As a group, we will develop an evolving language based on the scores’ practices, calls, and somatic actions, commensurate with the conditions of the moment. I am interested in us utilizing tuning as a set of practices that support collective and respective inquiries, as a way to develop one’s creational desires, as drawn from the subtle and sensing experience. Tuning will be used as a forum for rigorous, kaleidoscopic, and attuned aesthetic collective action and play, in conversation with nature~culture.

Tuning Scores are a unique way to investigate movement, composition, human behavior, and communication altogether. Tuning Scores are a sensory perceptual dance composition practice that illuminate the basic elements of how one can make live art. The scores are wildly fun and applicable in many contexts, showing how what one sees is inextricably linked to how one sees.By tuning into our creative habits, our physical inclinations, and the space itself, we develop our image-making as an extension of our own perceptions. We communicate our desires, our imagination, and our memory, in shared image space. And with this material we compose live art together.

Over the past several years, along with teaching Tuning workshops around the US and internationally over decades, Margit has been developing a context in the Bay Area for the practice of Tuning. In 2018, Lisa Nelson and Margit launched a Tuning Culture Project, organized with Emelia Martinez Brumbaugh (aka Jubilee July), to highlight the ways that Tuning can offer creative understandings and support how culture is made - through artistic practice, and through applying tuning in various cultural contexts. This series is one facet of this project, and also includes the developments of Tuning4Armageddon, a radical tuning project in conversation with QTBiPOC artists in the Bay Area, led by James Amutabi Haines, Margit, Jubilee, and Zoe Huey.

This group is open to people from all artistic media, all abilities, all walks. As ever, Racial Justice Fellowship is available. My intention is to continue as participants would like to delve further.

On Tuning Scores
Tuning Culture

We will be physically distanced, please come wearing a mask.

Venmo: @Margit-Galanter / PayPal: / Checks and cash also welcome. Please make a note what payment is for!






vivid grove Racial Justice Fellowship

The vivid grove program offers three Racial Justice Fellowships – with preferences to immigrant ppl and  QT/BIPOC. Perhaps you would be interested in applying. This would enable you to take several workshops throughout the fall to spring season, 2019 - 2020. You will be invited to figure out what is germane/how it feels right for you to participate, based on the offerings of the season, and create an agreement with Margit for the year.

This is built so that this work can grow into deeper inclusivity, equity, and consciousness. The Fellowship carries an intention to cultivate the vivid grove as a place to deepen in solidarity, to offer teachings to those who might not otherwise feel the capacity to attend, and for MG to further learn how to support collective liberation and challenge supremacy in hir teaching and offerings.

As part of the Fellowship, Fellowship participants will meet with MG  a minimum of twice between now and May, to have conversations in reflections of the work;  will  meet with the Fellowship as a group, both in shared inquiry about what came from the workshops, what benefits and what challenges, and for collective imagining; Fellwoship participants will  be required to give a written reflection to be completed by the end of the Fellowship, which can also include visual / audio / and creative approaches.

Does this interest?
To apply, please write a paragraph about why this might be a good match for you, and let me know what you are interested in taking this season by October 1.

Contact margit >

Previous Fellowship members are welcome to apply, and are welcome to be involved - we can continue an agreement together to evolve in ideas, creativity, and sharing.

To make the space a place for all people
with Loving Curiosity

vivid grove Registration

All registration finalized with payment. Please pay with Paypal with      If you prefer to pay directly, please send checks to Margit Galanter, 1120 Carleton Street, Berkeley, CA 94702, or contact me directly for other methods.  Please let me know you have sent a check, so I can look out for it.  

Some work exchange available, and Scholarships in special circumstances. For either, please submit a written request.

Payment is non-refundable, but can be transferred to other classes in extraordinary circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact me via email or by phone.
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