the vivid grove Spring Schedule               


Qigong, Movements, and Private Sessions

Offerings through July 2

Mondays, 4pm ~ Online Qigong and Meditations

Tuesdays 5pm ~ Outdoor Summer Qigong 
~ Starts June 16 in Berkeley, 3-Week Series

Thursdays, 5pm ~ Online Qigong and Meditations

Monday and Thursday Classes meet once per week, an hour-long each, through July 2. $60 for monthly series, $120 for both Mon + Thurs. $25 suggested drop-in rate.

In June, Qigong classes will be offered as monthly series, to promote focused intention and ongoing practice. Gentle Qigong movement and meditations based in the practices of Taoist energetic medicine and Wild Goose Qigong. If you need to drop in, it is welcome, at the higher rate. These monthly series go through the end of the week, June 29 + July 2.

The Outdoor Summer Tuesday Qigong Series  will start June 16 and run for 3 sessions. Please get in touch if you would like to join. $60 for 3-week series.

Meeting ID: 865 8313 2698    Password: 950933

Venmo: @Margit-Galanter / PayPal: / Cash App: $MargitGalanter / Checks and cash also welcome. NOTAFLOF, please be in touch if you would like to apply for the Racial Justice Fellowship, or if you need a scholarship for coursework.

Summer Fire Retreat in June

                🌼   🔥  🔥  🔥  🔥   🌼  

Friday Eve, June 26, 5 - 7pm, Online +
Saturday June 27, 11am - 1pm ~ Outdoors, Berkeley or Online. $60 ~ Register by June 19, $80 After

A workshop space to delve into the qigong movement, meditations, and Taoist principles / theories supportive for the seasonal elemental force of Fire. Through harmonizing our vital forces in the summer season, we will cultivate the aspects of our body-being that are nurtured through the elemental force of Fire, and its energetic pair, our heart-mind, or shen.  In this retreat, we will access some foundational qi practices and principles that underlie our cultivation of qi — our vital breath, and the vivid space that comes from cultivating shen. This is how we root in spirit.

Friday evening will be an online class and Saturday will offer the opportunity to practice either online or in person.

Venmo: @Margit-Galanter / PayPal: / Cash App: $MargitGalanter / Checks and cash also welcome.

Garden Movement

Fridays, June 19 - July 24, 12 noon - 2pm
(no class July 3). $125-150 for series.

A five-session weekly series in Amerta Movement. We will be practicing Amerta Movement as a way to develop our capacities to be in dialogue with land, neighborhood, our movement potential, and the atmospherics of our culturality. Free movement in conversation with our environment, respectively, together, and virtually. We will alternate between gathering online and practicing outside. It is possible that if a few were interested, we could meet in the same place sometimes for those local. If you are interested in learning some foundational practices of Amerta Movement, this is it, and this is also a way to deepen in this dimensional and vital practice if you have already experienced it.

Please contact me if you are interested. There are only  a few places left for this class, so if you are interested, best to get in touch soon if you would like to register.

On Amerta Movement

Private Sessions in Mentorship and the Embodied Arts ~ Available online, by appointment

Tailor-made, private, and small group sessions in the Feldenkrais Method, Qigong, embodied mentorships, and tailor-made collaborative movement investigations. Offerings are based on the vital need to access our capacities for intimacy with our body-being in place, in this time. This personal attention can help you access significant changes in your life, help to develop your own foundational practices, provide a facilitated space for you to follow your unique embodied inquiries, and can help you access your creative power, clarity, and grace.

More on Movement Sessions



Spring 2020 :
All Programs Have Changed due to Shelter in Place - Please see virtual classes schedule HERE

Tuning Culture / Movement Culture
Two Dates to Practice Tuning, One Sooner, One Later

Saturday, February 29, 1 - 5pm
Finnish Hall, Berkeley
By Donation, $30 suggested
RSVP by February 27

On Saturday March 29, a few experienced tuners will gather at Finnish Hall to practice Tuning Scores together. You are invited to join for the full 4 hours. The space will be gently facilitated, a place to have time for Tuning practice. There will be opportunities to learn basic orientation to some tuning scores. We will compose in the space and with the space together.

Saturday, April 18, Afternoon
Location TBD
$50, with opportunities for work exchange and sliding scale.
Register by April 14

On Saturday, April 18, Margit will teach an afternoon workshop in Tuning Scores. This will be an opportunity to work with the scores and experience the building of materials over the arc of a few hours, and will be a multi-sensorial dance experience. Great to come if you are curious about real-time composition, sensory and sensuary movements, and want to learn some basic ways to work with the Tuning Scores practices. This workshop will be geared to everyone in the room, so good for people with all kinds of Tuning experiences.


Tuning Scores are a fascinating mosaic of movement and performance discovery-games originated by Lisa Nelson. The Scores reveal basic elements of action, by attuning to the rich details of composition, behavior, and communication, altogether. They are a multisensorial and kaleidoscopic set of practices that are wildly fun to do. Through the specificity of solo movement warmups, group dancing, and verbal cues, tuning lays out an approach for performance research that can change how you make, perceive, and do in any creative medium.



Tuning4Armageddon is a five day laboratory to practice changing and being changed by our socio-cultural field. It’s is prep work for a just transition into the beginning/end of days.

Join us in this weeklong laboratory between three creative cultures: CLN (Creative Liberation Network), Tuning Scores, and LXS DXS. Through embodied collective composition, predominantly QPOC facilitators and participants will gather to tune and re-envision the dance and activist culture of the Bay Area as the basis for two conversations and practice hubs: 1) racial/cultural healing in individual and collective lineages, and 2) decolonizing relationship structures through radical composition and connection.

This is a gathering of predominantly QPOC facilitators and participants, who are committed to asking difficult questions and remaining open in the process. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the dance and activist culture of the Bay Area.

James Amutabi Haines, Amani William Carey-Simms, Seneca Beth Miller, jose e. abad, Gabriel Christian, Stephanie Hewett, Jubilee July, Felix Sol Linck-Frenz, randy reyes,  Margit Galanter, and Zoe Huey.

Wild Goose Qigong
Tuesday afternoons, 4 - 5:30 pm,
February 11 - May 12 
Bushrod Park, Oakland
$175 ~  Register by February 6 / $200 ~ After

Wild Goose Qigong is a breathtakingly beautiful Taoist alchemical movement practice that harmonizes movement, energetic flow, and helps people experience the inheritance of their self-healing. The forms emerged over a thousand years ago, inspired by the movements of geese. In this twelve-week series, we will concentrate on Wild Goose movement sets, qigong movement warm-ups and meditations. Our weekly classes will incorporate inquiries from the group, and various sections from the mosaic of Wild Goose sets — each one offers different qualities and principles of the movement of our qi.

Twelve-week series.  No class April 7.
May 19 is a rain date for the last day of class.

Spring Qigong Retreat:
Envisioning, Trees, Creative Life
Friday March 27, 6 - 8pm @ TAC
Saturday, March 28, 1 - 5 pm @ Live Oak Park
Temescal Arts Center + Live Oak Park
$80 ~ Register by March 19  /  $100 After

In this weekend workshop, we will meet inside in a studio and outside, so that we can support our nourishment as well as practice with the elements in the early spring. The class will offer simple qigong movements that will be repeated, with discussion of how qi moves, — to cultivate qi, and to develop an ongoing practice for those who participate. We will focus on the connectedness of movement, awareness, and breath as it pertains to the Wood Elemental Force, for Spring. Wood: support your capacity to envision and make ideas in your life.

This workshop will be based on a medical qigong practice for people who want to improve their health, gain a basic practice in qigong, +/or a foundation for deeper inquiries regarding the principles of qi for those who are already in the study of Chinese energetics. This class is a great complement to the longer Wild Goose series, and can be studied singly.

Amerta Movement / Save the Date
Saturday, May 9
Point Reyes, CA

This is a day to dedicated to practicing Amerta Movement in nature.
~ More Information coming soon!  

Sessions in The Feldenkrais Method, Chinese Energetics, and Movement Arts

Tailor-made, private, and small group sessions in the Feldenkrais Method, qigong, embodied mentorships, and tailor-made collaborative movement investigations. This personal attention can help you access significant changes in your life, help to develop your own foundational practices, provide a facilitated space for you to follow your unique embodied inquiries, and can help you access your creative power, clarity, and grace.

The Body in Practice
June 4-7
Barre, Massachusetts

~ The Body in Practice with Marlon Barrios Solano and MG. Embodiments of Mind, Live and Care workshop on the East Coast, June.

"This course will situate sati as an embodied experience. It proposes “body-fullness” as a more accurate translation than “mindfulness” beyond the mind-body dualism. From this knowing, we recognize embodiment as a foundational, dynamic and fluid cognitive phenomena, culturally, historically, ecologically and socially embedded. We see the practice of sati as an ongoing “enactive” recomposition of awareness in our shared, lived environment…..”

More info here: The Body in Practice at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
IMAGES: Vivid Grove Logo by Mara Poliak. Photos: Tuning by Amber Ortega, Austin; Tuning Culture / Tuning Workshop with Lisa Nelson - Crystal, Mayfield, and Isa, by asha esco;  Qigong by asha esco; Amerta by Mary Peterson;  Relay Encounter - SP, by Chani Bockwinkel.




vivid grove Racial Justice Fellowship

The vivid grove program offers three Racial Justice Fellowships – with preferences to immigrant ppl and  QT/BIPOC. Perhaps you would be interested in applying. This would enable you to take several workshops throughout the fall to spring season, 2019 - 2020. You will be invited to figure out what is germane/how it feels right for you to participate, based on the offerings of the season, and create an agreement with Margit for the year.

This is built so that this work can grow into deeper inclusivity, equity, and consciousness. The Fellowship carries an intention to cultivate the vivid grove as a place to deepen in solidarity, to offer teachings to those who might not otherwise feel the capacity to attend, and for MG to further learn how to support collective liberation and challenge supremacy in hir teaching and offerings.

As part of the Fellowship, Fellowship participants will meet with MG  a minimum of twice between now and May, to have conversations in reflections of the work;  will  meet with the Fellowship as a group, both in shared inquiry about what came from the workshops, what benefits and what challenges, and for collective imagining; Fellwoship participants will  be required to give a written reflection to be completed by the end of the Fellowship, which can also include visual / audio / and creative approaches.

Does this interest?
To apply, please write a paragraph about why this might be a good match for you, and let me know what you are interested in taking this season by February 1.

Contact margit,

Previous Fellowship members are welcome to apply, and are welcome to be involved - we can continue an agreement together to evolve in ideas, creativity, and sharing.

To make the space a place for all people
with Loving Curiosity

vivid grove

All registration finalized with payment. Please pay with Paypal with    

If you prefer to pay directly, please send checks to Margit Galanter, 1120 Carleton Street, Berkeley, CA 94702, or contact me directly for other methods.  Please let me know you have sent a check, so I can look out for it.  

Some work exchange available, and scholarships in special circumstances. For either, please submit a written request.

Payment is non-refundable, but can be transferred to other classes in extraordinary circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact me via email or by phone.  
(510) 761 - 6097