the vivid grove Fall and Winter Schedule               

This season:
Sensing Body’s Moving Language Workshop,
Wild Goose Qigong, Tuning Sessions,
Winter Qigong Retreat, Caving / Cave Art Day,  
Movement Sessions, Racial Justice Fellowship,
and a vivid grove fall bundle.



Wild Goose Qigong

Tuesday afternoons, 4 - 5:30 pm, Oct 8 - Dec 17
Dover Park, Oakland
$150  ~  Register by Sept 30  /  $175 After

Wild Goose Qigong is a breathtakingly beautiful Taoist alchemical movement practice that harmonizes movement, energetic flow, and helps people experience the inheritance of their self-healing. The forms emerged over a thousand years ago, inspired by the movements of geese. In this ten-week series, we will concentrate on Wild Goose movement sets, qigong movement warm-ups and meditations. Our weekly classes will incorporate inquiries from the group, and various sections from the mosaic of Wild Goose sets — each one offers different qualities and principles of the movement of our qi.

In the cold, the class will move inside to the Niebyl Proctor Library, Oakland.
The final day, December 17, is a rain date.

Tuesday Tuning Scores

Last Tuesday Evenings of the Month, 6 - 8 pm
Oct 29,  Nov 26, Dec 17 
Temescal Arts Center, Oakland
$10 per session

Monthly facilitated Tuning sessions 

Tuning Scores are a fascinating mosaic of movement and performance discovery-games originated by Lisa Nelson. The Scores reveal basic elements of action, by attuning to the rich details of composition, behavior, and communication, altogether. They are a multisensorial and kaleidoscopic set of practices that are wildly fun to do. Through the specificity of solo movement warmups, group dancing, and verbal cues, tuning lays out an approach for performance research that can change how you make, perceive, and do in any creative medium.

There are no images without participation
        -Lisa Nelson

Drop-Ins Welcome, and so so good if you come to all, for the growth of practice.

Please RSVP by MONDAY.  No one turned away for lack of funds.

Sensing Body’s Moving Language

Friday - Sunday, Nov 15 - 17
Friday, 6-9 pm;  Saturday, 12 - 4 pm; Sunday, 12 - 3 pm
Finnish Hall, Berkeley
$200 ~ Register by Nov 4 / $250 After

A weekend workshop exploring movement from the sensation of our bodily experience, the body-environment, and our center; primarily working with Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine (MFS), using Tuning Scores and sensory perceptual movement as support. We will explore how movement is a source for language-making, from our sensing body.

In these sessions over three days, we will practice MFS and other aligned/allied sensory movement practices to get into a movement practice groove, and from this to (in)form our body’s language. How can movement communicate, how can we speak from our sensing, and how can the elements of action be a basis for growing ideas? We will practice elegant and elemental dance techniques that are available to anyone -  to access gateways into to the language of sensation: sensorially-based alignment, form, breath, tone, intention, language, and the movement of dance. We will write, utter, and draw.

Body/language/environment. A line of thought, a projection, a proposition. A shape, a form, a pattern. In Steve’s language: we are “drafting interior techniques.”

This workshop will be inspired by the people present, and is applicable to movement practitioners, writers, dancers, people who want to discover and uncover more understanding of movement, researchers, embodied thinkers, folks who want to access their body’s knowing and sensing,  and people who want to delve into potent practices of Material for the Spine.  

The workshop is influenced by the elemental force of Metal’s power to refine, discern, and come into form.
Unfortunately, Finnish Hall upstairs is not wheelchair-accessible.  
(510) 761 - 6097


Winter practices: nourishing quietude in togetherness.

Winter Qigong Afternoon Retreat:
Fluid Roots, Instinct, and Deep Nourishment

Sunday, Dec 8, 12 - 4 pm
Ellen Webb Studio, Emeryville 
$70 ~ Register  by Dec 1  /  $100 After

$125 ~ Register by Dec 1 for both Qigong + Caving / Cave Art

Winter Qigong retreat will provide a space for deep winter nourishment — of the body-being and the mind.  We will practice movement and meditations, and take time to converse and learn about Chinese energetic principles germane for the season, particularly focusing on the elemental force Water, – our inheritance, instinct, and the unknown. In our time together, we will access some basic, potent principles that underlie our cultivation of qi — our vital breath. This will be an opportunity to deepen your qigong practice / praxis in a movement sanctuary as we head into the center of winter.

Caving / Cave Art Day

Saturday, Dec 14, 12 - 4 pm
Temescal Arts Center, Oakland

$70 for single session ~ Register  by Dec 1  /  $100 After
$125 ~ Register by Dec 1 for both Qigong + Caving / Cave Art

Caving / Cave Art is a retreat space to nourish your yin and incubate your desires in preparation for the darkest weeks of the year, through movement, writing, transdisciplinary arts, subtle inquiries, and stillness. We will spend the day in the studio-as-cave, and take time for quiet and exploration under cave-cloth. We will access a creative practice, our cave art, to set in motion our incubations, and to find the seeds for creative ideas to be sewn later, and to let them go. The day will offer a chance for collective support of the elemental force of water, and will make a bridge from the unknown as a rich resource into creative process.


Private and Small Group Sessions ~ Feldenkrais, Chinese Energetics, Embodied Dramaturgy, and the Movement Arts

Oakland, San Francisco, and Bespoke
Contact Margit to set up a consultation

PPPriPrivate sessions in the Feldenkrais Method, qigong, embodied mentorships, and tailor-made collaborative movement investigations. This personal attention can help you access significant changes in your life, help to develop your own foundational practices, provide a facilitated space for you to follow your unique embodied inquiries, and can help you access your creative power, clarity, and grace.

Also available for workshops, trainings and semi-privates/small classes.

For more info, contact me directly.

vivid grove Season Bundle

cicid grov

The vivid grove program is a synthesis of movement arts, Chinese energetics, collective learning, and creative research. The courses access these different streams to support vitality and exuberance as the basis for artistic development and an engaged, embodied life. The courses are influenced by the brilliance of the elements, seasons, practice, and our unique human signatures,  — aka human nature culture.  If you are interested in the full season or full year of practices, get in touch.

This fall, the vivid grove  offers a bundle of workshops with personal attention, to clarify intentions, deepen embodiiment and creative research, and to cultivate life force.

The Bundle: 

Sign up for Three Workshops with Two Private Sessions
Receive  $75 discount for the season, based on courses
Private sessions  to be complete by December 18. 

vivid grove Racial Justice Fellowship

The vivid grove program offers three Racial Justice Fellowships – with preferences to immigrant ppl and  QT/BIPOC. Perhaps you would be interested in applying. This would enable you to take several workshops throughout the fall to spring season, 2019 - 2020. You will be invited to figure out what is germane/how it feels right for you to participate, based on the offerings of the season, and create an agreement with Margit for the year.

This is built so that this work can grow into deeper inclusivity, equity, and consciousness. The Fellowship carries an intention to cultivate the vivid grove as a place to deepen in solidarity, to offer teachings to those who might not otherwise feel the capacity to attend, and for MG to further learn how to support collective liberation and challenge supremacy in hir teaching and offerings.

As part of the Fellowship, Fellowship participants will meet with MG  a minimum of twice between now and May, to have conversations in reflections of the work;  will  meet with the Fellowship as a group, both in shared inquiry about what came from the workshops, what benefits and what challenges, and for collective imagining; Fellwoship participants will  be required to give a written reflection to be completed by the end of the Fellowship, which can also include visual / audio / and creative approaches. 

Does this interest?
To apply, please write a paragraph about why this might be a good match for you, and let me know what you are interested in taking this season by October 1.

Contact margit, 

Previous Fellowship members are welcome to apply, and are welcome to be involved - we can continue an agreement together to evolve in ideas, creativity, and sharing.

To make the space a place for all people
with Loving Curiosity

vivid grove

All registration finalized with payment. Please pay with Paypal with    

 If you prefer to pay directly, please send checks to Margit Galanter, 1120 Carleton Street, Berkeley, CA 94702, or contact me directly for other methods.  Please let me know you have sent a check, so I can look out for it.  

Some work exchange available, and scholarships in special circumstances. For either, please submit a written request.

Payment is non-refundable, but can be transferred to other classes in extraordinary circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact me via email or by phone.  
(510) 761 - 6097