Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine: movement technique from the center

Material for the Spine (MFS) is a dance exploration and a meditative practice of the physical center of the self (head, spine, and pelvis).  MFS was created by experimental dancer and choreographer, Steve Paxton from his inquiries into human movement and Contact Improvisation beginning in 1986. MFS is elemental, emphasizing the sensorial experience of moving, breathing, and precision. Paxton notes "It aims to bring consciousness to the dark side of the body, that is, the ‘other’ side, or the inside, those sides not much self-seen, and to submit sensations from them to the mind for consideration." Margit has studied Material for the Spine since the mid-90’s, through the work of practitioners such as Scott Smith, Karen Nelson, and K.J. Holmes, and with Steve Paxton since the late ‘90’s. They bring MFS to the Vivid Grove as a powerful, enriching foundation for any type of movement practice, and have a deep curiosity in the aspects of MFS that can support clarity in movement, thinking, and the embodiment of language.