Wild Goose Qigong: self-healing through breathing, awareness, and whole body movemen
Goose Qigong: self-healing through breathing, awareness, and whole body movem
Qigong: self-healing through breathing, awareness, and whole body movement Wild Goose Qigong:

Wild Goose Qigong: self-healing through breathing, awareness, and whole body movement

aling through breathing, awareness, and whoQigong is a term for a vast array of ancient Chinese and Taoist movement meditations that inspire much of the Vivid Grove. The exercises have been passed down through centuries, and are both active (yang) and gentle (yin). Through practicing qigong, individuals learn to access agility, strength, relaxation, and overall health.

Wild Goose is comprised of energizing and harmonizing movements that one can bring into daily movement practice. Wild Goose is a complete Medical Qigong system through which one can both restore vitality, and deeply study the many facets of the movement and qualities of qi. Wild Goose is comprised of exercises, multiple beautiful movement sets, meditations, and mantras, each offering different ways to be in relation with our unique flow of movement with the environment.

Margit’s training in qigong has been predominantly in the tradition of Wild Goose Qigong (Dayan Qigong), which she has been studying since 2001 with Micheline Bogey and since 2011 with Dr. Bingkun Hu. The form was popularized by Yang Meijun, who brought  it to the public in China when she realized the familial lineage could potentially disappear; she is the 27th lineage holder of the Wild Goose Tradition. We can learn much from wild geese, whose strength is mighty; they regenerate as they travel in packs for tremendous distances together, care for their ill, and take turns as leaders.

Margit has also studied a variety of other qigong forms with master teachers such as Masahiro, Gilles Marin, and Sat Hon; these include the Wu-Tan lineage, Kuan Yin, Lian Gong, and the Ni family lineage.  Margit integrates years of research with Chinese energetics and the Five Phases into her teaching.


Dayan Qigong and Yang Meijun
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Wild Goose (Dayan) Qigong is a beautiful movement practice that is thousands of years old. Wild Goose is a Taoist Medical Qigong form with direct health benefits. It contains a vast series of sets, with different qualities and movements. There are more energetic movement sets, as well as meditation-based sets of practices.

Qigong, or “the practice of moving energy” is an ancient Chinese self-healing tradition that enriches your vitality and expands your movement and intellectual capacity. Qigong has been known to have curative effects on illnesses, improve one’s sensitivity, physical stability, and offer people greater vividness of spirit. There are a wide variety of qigong forms. Based in Chinese Medicine and the energetic philosophy of Five Elements, and the meridian systems (energetic flows through the body), with Wild Goose, one can cultivate health by focusing movement, breath, and attention.

Some Wild Goose Roots Wild Goose belongs to the Taoist Kunlun School, and so is also called Kunlun School Qigong. The most famous practitioner of Wild Goose was called Dao An, who spread the form during the Jin Dynasty (265 – 420 A.D.). Because he was a famous and earlier practitioner, he was crowned the founder of the form.  The lineage was practiced in the mountains (Wutai Mountain), and then passed through the imperial system in temples throughout  China. Later, at the end of the Qing Dynasty, the form came through to the family of Yang Meijun. Starting at 13, Yang Meijun studied Wild Goose from her grandfather, and it was she who popularized this magnificent set of practices and brought them into the public. By 1998, she was 104 years old, practicing daily, and living a healthy life.
For more information and photos of Yang Meijun, click here:
Wild Goose and Yang Meijun

Some Options for Studying Wild Goose in the East Bay Margit offers weekly classes in Wild Goose Qigong, taught as an ongoing series, as well as seasonal workshops. If you are interested in trying a class or signing up for mailings, please contact the vivid grove. The classes and workshops take place outdoors in East Bay parks, as well as in the warmth of local studios.
Some East Bay Wild Goose Teachers:

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This site has listings of many Wild Goose teachers  around the United States, in the stream of Dr. Bingkun Hu

Margit Galanter  East Bay, CA
Micheline Bogey  Berkeley, CA
Wen Wu School  El Cerrito, CA

Practicing Set 12, Kidney Nourishing Qigong. Photo by esco lacqua