Relay was a three-year dance poetry project, initiated in late 2011, that produced a series of experimental performative events in the Bay Area. First a purely a self-directed solo (sparked by my utter joy in reading Mei-Mei Bersenbrugge’s collaborative poem with artist Kiki Smith, Concordance) Relay called in inspiration, feedback, and dramaturgical counsel and conversation from others.  Margit developed a approach for transduction, translating lived experiences into visual art and dance.  Margit took walks with twenty-five artists, with whom we mapped out adventures, all recorded, and used the content and tones of these walks to transduce into movement experiments.
Language, song, and poetry skills came from Jessika Kenney; artistic counsel from Violet Juno and James Kidd; social experiments and expansion actions were made with with Matt Shyka, Brianna Skellie, Mara Poliak, Sarah Pritchard, Gretchen Till, Harold Burns, and Beth Ahlstrand; sounds came in from Kadet Kuhne;  performance collaborations with Justin Desmangles, Violet, and Denise Leto, and writing encounters took place with Eleni Stecopoulos, Mara Poliak, Amber DiPietra, and Jen Hofer. Many artists intersected with the work through the workshops and embodied language encounters. More photos here.

Through Relay, we investigated the facets of meaning in the phrase dance poetry, learning by doing. Absorbing the language through memorization, Margit found transductions of tones and phrases into movement, watched the images of the performance grow in imagination and space. Margit came to know the poem Concordance and to embody it, through speaking, singing, drawing, writing, wordplay, conversation, and exegesis.

This piece for a time being intersected with some fascinations in studies of Chinese cosmology, particularly around the nature of the elements of the trigrams, the bagua, and personal and intimate understanding of the energetics of language used for the Fire element - fire’s language, from the perspective of the meridians, sexual organs of the body, and yin essence.

Performances took place at the Garage, SF in July 2012, then through Showbox LA at Bootleg Theater, that August; then later, it journeyed for events to places such as Joshua Tree, Riverside CA, Berkeley Art Museum, Starline Social Club Oakland, Ellen Webb Studio Emeryville, n/a Oakland through SALTA, Taoist Center Seattle, and Brooklyn, NY. This piece traveled far and wide.

 All Photos by Chani Bockwinkel unless otherwise noted.

Final performances in Bay Area included the following artists: Violet Ace Juno, Denise Leto (performances); Abby Crain, Eleni Stecopoulos (Readers); Aarian + Armaan Chacko-Whiting, Asia Wong, Frances Rosario, Kathleen Keogh, Mara Poliak, Maureen Whiting, nicholas andre sung (Tuning the Space); Chani Bockwinkel, Sarah Pritchard, Mara Poliak, May Tulin, Pat Reed (Group Excursion); Sarah Pritchard, Kathleen Keogh, Cathie Caraker, Katarina Eriksson, Qilo Matzen, Renee Rhodes, Jennifer Marie Hoff, Marcia Scott, Maureen Whiting, Catharine Brook Anderson, and Chane Gilbert (Group Informance, Tuning at BAM).

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Photo by Stacey Goodman