Shi Series was a long-term embodied research project, 2006 - 2009. Shi is a Chinese term for dynamic composition, dissolving the boundaries between the making and the forms made. The Series took the form of a writing, moving, lecture-demonstrations and performance practice in which Margit investigated  shi as the source material for making and using all it connotes as a guiiding principle for action. 

This series has been a forum for research into Chinese cosmology, including the breadth of the five elements. This project was inspired by study of qigong, the Feldenkrais Method, and most specifically, a book called The Propensity of Things, by François Jullien, who devotedly investigated the term shi in a dense and beautiful tome, so rich it required taking reading into a full-body act, or from page to stage.

In this period Margit developed Inscriptions, a fuller incarnation of the embodiment of writing as it is inscribed into space.

Inscriptions: The interaction of language, movement, and environment. Embodied language. Language as a source for accessing a sense of place, materializing into being. Being situated, located through nodes, through utterances of the tongue. Poetics of movement and composition. Shi (dynamic composition). Moving words, writing dance, dancing text, dance-as-text, dance as communication, “writing” as a loose term for all that is inscribed. Write now. Habitats and environments as meaning. The human form as a live landscape, therefore action (making) not separate from the art. Construction as act and that which was composed. What remains in the mapping and tracking of our embodiment, therefore what is inscribed?

Shi Series / Inscriptions