for the vivid grove 

Mentorship and Sessions

I have been lucky enough to be in an on-going mentor relationship with Margit for several years. It has been life changing for me personally and professionally and I look forward to many more years of study with her. Put simply, Margit is able hold the space for you as a whole person. Whether or not you are in an FI session, an ATM class, a chi gong class environment, or a more intimate mentoring situation, Margit's open-hearted nature and compassionate teaching allows for a deeply profound exploration of ourselves, our whole selves, our complete bodymind. The amount of information she is able to communicate with her hands sets her apart as one of the most gifted teachers I've come across. If you have the chance, please give yourself the gift of taking sessions with Margit. The knowledge acquired, whether conscious or unconscious, will last you a lifetime.

    ~ Jen, Client and Movement Pilates Instructor

the vivid grove for moving and learning

Few words can describe how grateful I am for my time in the vivid grove, a forested realm of movement practice that stirred creative growth throughout my being.  Guided by Margit’s deep sensitivity and understanding, I found new ways of being through the grounding foundations of Wild Goose qigong, the expansive attunement of workshops, and the connective explorations of the Guild. The vivid grove series allowed me to honor the movement of my soul’s play. It helped me cultivate new practices + recognize the creation that I am, in the forest I live.          
    ~ bae laurel, Vivid Grove Student and Racial Justice Fellow

Private Sessions in Feldenkrais and Acupressure

Working with Margit has been one of the richest experiences of my life. Their sessions have provided me with life-long tools for being more deeply in my creative and physical self.  She works in an intuitive and multi-faceted way, offering a wealth of resources and experience, while remaining attuned to the individual interests and needs of the person they’re working with. I can't recommend them highly enough!      
    ~ Mara, Movement Practitioner and Student 

Relay Encounter, 2014. Photo by Chani Bockwinkel

I often refer to Margit as my father's lifeline. She nurtured my father with her calm, loving, respectful, intuitive physical intelligence twice a week during the last two years of his life. My father had multiple medical problems, one of which was a progressive peripheral neuropathy which affected his nerves and his muscles. He could not feel the floor beneath him and often did not have enough strength to stand. Margit helped him to move within and beyond his limitations. She lifted his spirits, his confidence, and his heart through her magic. Aside from all of the physical limitations my father was living with, he was also struggling with progressive dementia which often made him quite combative and argumentative. I simply can't explain it, but when Margit arrived it was as if a blanket of calm and joy was spread over him. He smiled and his eyes lit up when he saw her. And after their sessions he was both relaxed and invigorated. Margit was truly a lifeline for all of us and she helped ease a lot of pain and struggle for my father and our entire family during what was a very challenging end of his life. I am so deeply grateful to Margit. I admire her deep intuition and knowledge of what people need at a heart and physical level and her ability to deliver this with the utmost of presence and compassion through her work.         

    ~ Sara, Ob/Gyn Clinician, Daughter of John

Facilitation and Trainings

Thanks so much for your great facilitation, teaching and mentoring presence last night. You brought not only skill and professional knowledge but the compassion and empathy which enabled you to connect with staff and obviously you demonstrated your deep connection with C. I was very impressed by your collaborative spirit and holistic practice of helping staff support each other and find the shared knowledge and natural process to gain valuable skills to better support her. I hope that you will continue for many years your wonderful work with people who are supported by East Bay Innovations and if you ever need an ally you may look to me for any reason.
I have CC'd some people in my agency including my supervisor because I want them to know that I have witnessed and can testify to the great work you do with the people we support and the wonderful mentor you are to our staff."

    ~ Patrick, East Bay Innovations 

Pinole was deeply nourishing, such a good feeling of a supportive commune (camping, cooking, cleaning together in tandem with our movement exploration, acknowledging life's daily rituals and sustenance), and felt metamorphic in learning to tune into self, nature, others, and states of mind in movement and more. Infinite possibilities but first to love oneself by slowing down is a profound gift. And then to move is to be in desire and curiosity with the cosmos from the small lonely being of self.

            ~ Salty, Tuning Scores Pinole Gathering, Participant

Teaching and Residencies

It is almost like feathery sand, I would say, sand that you didn’t know you were shoring in, exactly, and then there you are. Take her classes if you want to embody where form breathes, if you want to be surprised.

    ~ Denise, Writer and Editor 

I found a field where I can express my journey 

    ~ Michael, Workshop Student