Lisa Nelson and Margit schemed up a project in 2018, Tuning Culture, organized and directed here in the Bay Area by Emelia Martinez Brumbaugh aka Jubilee July and Margit and launched in 2019. We invited Lisa to the Bay Area as part of a longer-term dialogue with a group of tuning practitioners to develop applications of the scores in different cultural and community contexts. The project started with a large workshop, a small working group / think-tank, and several public events as part of Lisa Nelson’s residency in the Bay Area.

As we start, the participating workgroup artists are: Jubilee July  (Bay Area), Julie Nathanielsz (Ithaca, Austin), Karen Nelson (Vashon, WA), Leyya Tawil (Bay Area, Detroit, New York), Margit Galanter (Bay Area), Mayfield Brooks (NYC), Randy Reyes (Bay Area), and Ray Chung (Bay Area, Sweden).

We imagine this is a first step in which many others can join over time.


The Tuning Score, a performance research format, asks What do we see when we're looking at dance?

How does composition arise in the body and its environment? The scores offer inner and outer communication tools and practices that make apparent the ways each of us sense and make sense of movement.

Focusing on vision, touch, and hearing, the scores provoke spontaneous compositions that make evident our body's opinions about who and where we are, initiating a playful dialogue-in-action about space, time, movement, and the desire to compose experience. The explorations cross disciplinary lines and give insight into performance and dance-making processes.

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