May 21 -  25, 2020
10am - 4:30pm 
Omni Commons, Oakland



Tuning4Armageddon is a five day laboratory to practice changing and being changed by our socio-cultural field. It’s is prep work for a just transition into the beginning/end of days.

Join us in this weeklong laboratory between three creative cultures: CLN (Creative Liberation Network), Tuning Scores, and LXS DXS. Through embodied collective composition, predominantly QPOC facilitators and participants will gather to tune and re-envision the dance and activist culture of the Bay Area as the basis for two conversations and practice hubs: 1) racial/cultural healing in individual and collective lineages, and 2) decolonizing relationship structures through radical composition and connection.

This is a gathering of predominantly QPOC facilitators and participants, who are committed to asking difficult questions and remaining open in the process. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the dance and activist culture of the Bay Area.

Gather, Share, Learn, and Evolve practices for
Healing, Decolonizing, and Dismantling white supremacy
while Evolving Creative Relationship and Practice.

Waiting for you with joy: James Amutabi Haines, Amani William Carey-Simms, Seneca Beth Miller, jose e. abad, Gabriel Christian, Stephanie Hewett, Jubilee July, Felix Sol Linck-Frenz, randy reyes,  Margit Galanter, and Zoe Huey.



Lxs Dxs (jose e. abad, Gabriel Christian, Stephanie Hewett, Jubilee July, Felix Sol Linck-Frenz, randy reyes), choreographs, moves, investigates and performs as our methodology for survival. We resource ourselves in these acts of survival by engaging and interlacing our distinct lineages as sources of healing, resistance, intelligence, and change-making. Collectively, the six of us incorporate and transform our histories to engender the conditions for new realities to emerge. We shape-shift and demand that the world shape-shift too, to create alternative cultural structures and relational cosmologies that enact collective liberation. We experience the creative process as inherently healing, whether healing is the impetus or not. The work we make exists as choreographic cartographies, hybrid in form. Though our connection to our respective ancestral maps have been lost, new compasses arise as we touch, wrestle, salivate, shake, & ___.

Margit Galanter is a dance poet living on Huichin, unceded Chochenyo Ohlone Land, currently known as California, East Bay. Margit facilitates, teaches, performs and choreographs nature-culture projects and has shared Tuning Scores and other movement forms across the country and globe for decades. Shx stewards several movement/art lineages and is author and editor of several writings. In the past few years, Margit has been developing the vivid grove — a live art school for moving, learning, creative evolution, and collective liberatory practices. Shx is dedicated to the prisms of cultural inquiry, conversation, perceptual vibrancy, and nourishing life. www.vividgrove.org.

Creative Liberation Network (CLN) is a community of facilitators, artists, and activists who provide educational experiences through collaborative projects, co-founded and organized by James Amutabi Haines, Amani William Carey-Simms, and Seneca Beth Miller. CLN’s services include facilitation and coaching in mindfulness, somatics, emotional intelligence, exploratory process, dignity in creativity, collaboration, indigenous cosmology, and social/eco justice. In their offerings they provide a synthesis of cross cultural information designed to help dismantle internal and external systems of oppression; they utilize philosophical and mystical inquiry into the nature of the universe and the sacred — combined with practical explorations in mindfulness, dignity, and global cultural history; and they stimulate the innate ability to envision and create an equitable and sustainable future. https://clnnow.us/

Photos by esco lacqua. Tuning Culture workshop with Lisa Nelson, 2019. TDeep gratitude and thanks to the participants of Lisa Nelson’s workshop and the Tuning Culture workgroup, 2019, some in the photos here - Chris, Zoe, Mayfield, Crystal, and Isa.



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