Caving: Supported quietude for nourishment and as fertile seeds for creation

Caving is a practice I developed spending time in darkness. Participants visit either an actual cave in nature, or create a cave with heavy cloth. A cave provides a space for quietude and slowing down. Caving is a potent experience that offers incubation space, a safe and quiet place to be with the intention that whatever one does in the cave can be a source for nourishing oneself and one's creative evolution. When time slows down and one removes the visual, subtle sensation is invited to arise. Sensing, feeling, and attending take primacy over doing and producing; paradoxically one finds oneself in a space that is immensely generative. A cave has an opening, and particularly with the cloth caves this opening and closing can be very effective for modulating one’s relationship with surroundings. Opening and closing is understood as a root of composing — in art and life.

Cave Sessions take place regularly at Temescal Arts Center (TAC), can be offered as part of private sessions, and are incorporated into Cave Forms Workshops.

Cave Forms 

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