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Tailor-Made Movement Sessions          

Sessions in Feldenkrais, Chinese Energetics, Embodied Dramaturgy, and Movement Arts

Oakland, San Francisco, and Bespoke
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PPPriTailotrTTTaoTailor-made, private, and small group sessions in the Feldenkrais Method, qigong, embodied mentorships, and tailor-made collaborative movement investigations. This personal attention can help you access significant changes in your life, help to develop your own foundational practices, provide a facilitated space for you to follow your unique embodied inquiries, and can help you access your creative power, clarity, and grace.

Available for workshops, trainings and semi-privates/small classes.

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This season:
Sensing Body’s Moving Language Weekend Workshop,
Wild Goose Qigong, Tunings Scores,
Winter Qigong Retreat, Caving / Cave Art Day,  
Private Sessions, Racial Justice Fellowship,
and a vivid grove fall bundle.