vivid grove
Tailor-Made Movement Sessions          

Sessions in Feldenkrais, Chinese Energetics, Embodied Dramaturgy, and Movement Arts

Oakland, Berkeley,  and Bespoke
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PPPriTailotrTTTaoTailor-made, private, and small group sessions in embodied mentorships; somatic coaching; the Feldenkrais Method; Qigong; Five Dynamics as source for creative practice, to nourish life; radical improvisational nu science-based embodiment facilitations; and bespoke creative movement and life practice. Offerings are based on the vital need to access our capacities for intimacy with our body-being in place, in this time, for utilizing embodied ecologies, aesthetic research and critical consciousness as a compass for creation and intention. This personal attention can help you access significant changes in your life, help to develop your own foundational practices, provide a facilitated space for you to follow your unique embodied inquiries, and can help you access your creative power, clarity, and grace. We can draw from the whole toolbox, and are guided by your interest and what emerges through our collective development.

These sessions are available both online as well as in a small beautiful studio downtown Oakland ~ Covid safe, indeed.

Available for workshops, trainings and semi-privates/small classes.

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This season:
Sensing Body’s Moving Language Weekend Workshop,
Wild Goose Qigong, Tunings Scores,
Winter Qigong Retreat, Caving / Cave Art Day,  
Private Sessions, Racial Justice Fellowship,
and a vivid grove fall bundle.